A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


You play Nance, a homeless human on cold day in some bustling metropolis. Your task is to stay warm and stay healthy.

People pass you by and you can ask them for a little change as the do. You must walk up to them in order to ask! But be careful! You don’t want to bump into anybody! Bumping into people is stressful, and besides, somebody might call the cops.

Some people are jerks, so watch out - you don’t want to get too stressed.

When you have enough money, you can go to the shop and buy coffee to warm you up and chill you out a little. When you have a full pocket, you can buy something to eat and advance to the next level.


Use arrow keys to move.

Use the space bar to ask people or to buy coffee or food when you’re in front of the shop’s door.


linux-price-of-coffee.tgz 17 MB
windows-price-of-coffee.zip 17 MB
the-price-of-a-cup-of-coffee.tar.xz 2 MB

Install instructions

To run the game on Windows: Download the windows-price-of-coffee.zip file. Extract this file somewhere on your system. Open the price-of-coffee folder and run price-of-coffee.exe.  I couldn't get audio to work on Windows, so there isn't any at the moment.

To run the game on Linux: Download the linux-price-of-coffee.tgz file. Extract its contents. cd into the price-of-coffee directory and execute price-of-coffee from the command line.  You may also need to install sdl2 and sdl2-image using your distribution's package manager.  E.g. if you use a Debian, Ubuntu et al, you might need to do something like:

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-image-2.0-0

Or something similar depending on your package manager.

To build the game yourself, see the game's github repo